Early in the morning we left our hotel in Ohrid and we departed toward Albania, where, in the afternoon we need to take the ferry for our return home. We "skipped" the visit of some Ortodox monasteries who was situated on the bank of the lake, because we were afraid of eventual problems on the border between Macedonia and Albania. At the end, we realised that the need to worry was superfluous because we passed the border without any problem.

Many of us visited Albania for the first time and the first landscapes we saw from the bus were particular: many bunkers in the border zone but also in the hinterland and many garbage along the way and along the fields.

First contact with Albania Village in the valley The green landscape dominates the mountainous area Pebble riverbed

We stopped for the lunch in the city of Elbasan. The periphery is really ugly because of the old houses, not very well conserved but the centre is completely different: there are new buildings and many work in progress to make the city more beautiful. The restaurant where we ate (the food was very good) was really nice: it was situated inside an old wall, dipped in the green nature, full of palms. During our lunch we gave thanks to our driver Benito for his safe driving and the patience that he had with all of us.

Streets of Elbasana Walkers After lunch we had a little celebration A restaurant where we enjoy the food A group portrait A small resident of the city

The journey continued toward Durres but before getting there we went through streets of Tirana. The time of ferry depart was close, it was raining, so we pleased ourselves by a panoramic view of the city. There was many coloured buildings, probably it was the fastest way for Albanians, after the fall of the regime, to introduce some news in the ordinary life. We saw also many construction sites of the new buildings and streets, the sign that Albania is changing quickly and going toward western life style.

Here is a photo made from our ferry before the depart from Durres port. Very, very picturesque, but probably for few years, entering in the general rate of the globalisation, panorama we saw will change a lot, as many other things we saw in our journey.

Look at the port of Durres

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Mount Athos






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