After a nice journey with the Greek ship "Ionian Sky" (the sea was calm and cabins quite comfortable), we arrived early in the morning (6 a.m. local time, 1 hour more in comparison to Italy) in Igoumenitsa but we immediately started up again toward our first destination, the city of Kalambaka which is situated at the foot of Meteore. During the journey we went through Metsovon’s pass, on the Pindus mountain, a pass about 1600 metres above the level of the sea where we stopped to admire a beautiful view.

The ferry which we arrived in Igoumenitsa The retreat on the passage Mountain Pass Metsovon

Approaching Kalambaka we could admire the view of the Meteore. The city was build on the Meteore’s notoriety and it’s a typical touristic location with many stores, restaurants and bars. We left our luggage in the hotel and after lunch, accompanied by the local guide we started our visit in the monasteries of Meteore.

Meteore view Cross between two mountain tops City of Kalambaka in the afternoon

Meteore are one of the most important ortodox religious centers. Over and inside one of the caves of towers made by stones were made numerous monasteries, twelve, more or less, from whom some are in use in the present, but with not much monks who live inside. The word "meteor" means that "stays high in the air". The towers are high until 400 metres and we saw many climbers on their attempt to climb the walls, sometimes very smooth.

We visited two of the monasteries still in use: Varlaam, build in the XIV century by the namesake monk and S. Stefano, founded in the XIII-XIV century, today lived and preserved by the nuns, represent the monastery more populated of the Meteore.

Greenery dominates the landscape Meteore The cables break the view Building on top of a rocks The monastery dominates the peak Belfry of one church A look from another perspective The church flag of yellow color Visit one of the sanctuary A lizard in the inner yard Looking for shade Panorama of the valley One fresco with the saints View from high

Before the dinner, another walk in the city to visit stores of the local artisans, but the aim of the camera went towards the view of the Meteore, particularly striking under the ray of lights in the sunset.

Souvenir shop in Meteore This rock is a challenge for climbers Before the sunset the colors are stronger All the space on top is used Night panorama from the balcony of the hotel

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