Ohrid, Macedonia

20th of May, the sixth day of our journey, we left Greece for Ohrid. After a few hours we arrived on the Macedonian border and there started our problems with journey’s documents. We had a collective passport, but the Macedonians didn’t know for this type of document…Shortly, after some phone calls to the Italian consulate in Macedonia, to Milan’s prefecture which issue this collective passport, and after 4 hours of waiting, we managed to enter in Macedonia. It was a fortune than the restaurant where we eat, only a few miles from the border , in a city called Bitola, was very good and with good prices: two courses plus a drink for 8 euros. Continuing our journey , around 6 p.m. we arrived at Ohrid which is the name of the lake but also the name of the city on the bank of the lake. We went straight to our hotel (Bellevue, 4 starts well-deserved) with an amazing lake view. One of the participants was brave and went swimming .

View from the hotel room Angela and Pino are ours neighbor Panorama of lakes The golden color of the lake was given by the sunset Refreshments Aldo decided to swim Lake Ohrid seen from Bellevue's balcony

After the dinner we had in our hotel, actually better than the hotel, we went out for a night tour of the city accompanied by the local guide. The visit was long only one hour for the majority of the participants because the bus driver had to rest so the participants returned to the hotel with the bus driver. The others continued the visit for another hour and returned with a taxi. We managed to see the church of Santa Sofia but only from the outside because it was late and which is the cathedral and the see of the ortodox archbishop in Ohrid. The church was build in the XI century, on the location of a Roman basilica.

Group in expectation of the guide Characteristic Ohrid’s house Ohrid City at night Ohrid's masonry architecture

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