Pino's Photos

The photos you seen on this page were took by Pino, one of the participants of the journey, who, kindly gave me the permit to publish them on this web site. Thanks Pino!

Photo on the ferry in the port of Bari, the journey toward Meteore and Meteore. The last photo of this group is a fountain by night in the city of Kalabaka.

The second group of images was taken in Thessaloniki and you can see a beautiful interior of the San Demetrio church and the along sea on day and night, the last photo with the White Tower illuminated.

You can also see some photos of our trip on the Mount Athos and a beautiful picture of the Ouranoupolis beach and the proof that some of the participants went really swimming. Last, but not the least, Greeks dances on the ship at return.

Some photos of monastery of Rila in Bulgaria.

Ohrid lake at the sunset, on the beach under our hotel, and the city of Ohrid by night with a magic full moon who was playing hide and seek (I don’t refer here to Salvatore) with clouds.

Photos taken during our trip and during our short break (Elbasan, the city of Mercedes) in Albania. Shopping and colourful buildings in Tirana.

And at the end, a nice group photo of all participants in front of the restaurant in Elbasan.

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Mount Athos






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Pino's Photos