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Travel to Kenya with safari Kenya Safari presents tiny diary from a suggestive vacation in Kenya accompanied with huge number of photographic galleries and few videos of animals and cultural life. Eight days safari in some of the most famous national parks of Kenya observing and admiring wild life, living with the rhythm of nature. Waking up early in the morning, before sun rising, and going to bed immediately after evening meal. Thousands of animals that live in freedom, in their natural ambient. A Masai village was visited: they still live as their ancestors did, respecting the old traditions. The second part of the holiday was passed in a resort of Watamu Beach, on the fantastic sand beaches. From there, two trips were done. One to Malindi, a jet-set village for western people that live there with all the relax that the place offers. Other was Gede; probably the most important archaeological location in East Africa. The more beautiful things in this place is one gigantic baobab, more than 800 years old. One day was reserved for an excursion in vessel organized by local guys called "beach boys". They find the clients among the people located on the beach. They perfectly organized the trip providing to transport, homemade food and fun, included snorkeling and dolphins watch.

Travel to Kenya with safari In the second part of March 2008, together with my wife I visited Burma. The tour was organized by Rallo Viaggi, an excellent Italian tour operator, so good that was bought by a big multinational company. The journey was a personalized one, just for two of us. We were guided by a guide that speak Italian and English, and by a driver who changed every time we moved along the country. You can read our experiences and impressions and admire hundreds of quality photos, and one extraordinary movie registered from Montgolfier, during the overflight Bagan field with huge number of pagodas of various historical periods. This two weeks' exotic journey will remain forever in our hearts. Travelling doesn't only mean have a pleasure and fun, but extend also our culture and knowledge about other countries and peoples, helping us to live better, to feel like a part of the world, of human civilization.

Meteore Building on top of a rocks Belfry of one church Looking for shade Lately I have been doing some work on the site: I have adapted it to today's modern devices, tablets and smartphones. Given the limited size of their screen, the main problem is getting the image display adjusted. This process also required some sacrifices in terms of the number of photos posted. In other words, I had to remove some photographs from those pages that were graphically too crowded. In order not to lose them, I moved them here where the graphics were practically absent. Hope you like the new arrangement.

In the ten years that have passed since I set up the site, the coding of the pages has been boasting and I have discovered many new features that I did not know about. I spent many hours on the Internet looking for how certain things are done: it was hard work. Keep in mind that I am not a web professional and that this work was born out of pure passion. The main problem was how to make the photos shrink automatically, depending on the size of the screen. In the end the result is in front of your eyes and you will be the judges who will evaluate my work. I hope you are not too harsh in your evaluation.

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Casinos online I was hover to insert this site under make money section or here, in entertainment block. Playing casino games should be considered a fun, while the possibility to earn money depends of fortune. Casinos online tries and reviews for you Internet casinos, poker rooms and bingo sites, letting you know the main information, and details about this new virtual, fascinating entertainment world. Thousands of people gamble each day online, and, thanks to this new technologies, lot of them earn really good money. The multimedia properties of the software that let you gambling, are fantastic: audio, video and animation will let you feel like in a real casino. Come now, and try your fortune. Recently, the author allowed download of one original software that calculate odds for Blackjack game, for free. I tried it and I must say that is a very useful tool.

Free proxy surf The following is not really entertainment place, but if you want to have some fun in your office, and your boss put a firewall to unable your free access to Internet, you can use this free proxy surf server, and visit all the places you want, included those with pictures of nice girls, our preferred theme. People who want to learn something about the proxy techniques will find some articles that explain the operation of proxy server, and one lesson about proxy chains. The last procedure will further improve the security and anonymity of your navigation. With years, the use of proxy was changed character. While before the main purpose was overcome the obstacles set by some undemocratic governments or the company where we were working, today prevalent aim is to protect our privacy. The big internet company collect all kinds of data about us: our age, habits, information about web places we usually visit. At the end of the story, our e-mailer becomes an enormous box with publicity. Using proxy servers, we at least can decrease the number of messages we receive every day.

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